Da Youngstas

These sartorial contras blew up in '92 with infectious summer jams "Warm it Up" and "Jump." The production in this extended mix is as whikkity whikkity whack as Kriss Kross gets. Check out the awesome Peter Brady moment at the 0:48 second mark. Puberty pretty much derailed the KK train. It was especially cruel to Chris Smith


Da Youngstas were a teen trio from Philly whose gritty Onyx-esque "Crewz pop" was much angrier and more sophisticated than you might expect. Their 1993 album The Aftermath boasted all-star production from the likes of Pete Rock, the Beatnuts, and in the case of "Wake 'Em Up," DJ Premier. Unfortunately Da Youngstas never quite escaped the Kriss Kross comparisons. I have no idea where these guys are today. Perhaps they are Da UPS Men.


Of all the Pop Warner gangstas, Shyheim is the ice coldest. Perhaps this is testimony to his unconventional upbringing. They say it takes a village. In Shyheim's case, it took a clan, a Wu-Tang Clan to be exact. The youngest associate of the '90s mega-posse, Shyheim actually lived with Ghostface Killa.

I can just imagine: "Goodnite DAT. Goodnite Gin. Goodnite Ghostface. Goodnight Moon."

Even though he was rasied under Wu-foot, Shyheim's clean enunciation and broad cautionary narratives give his delivery more of a junior varsity Guru flavor. Especially on this remix of his big hit, "On and On", with Premier again at the helm.

The Clan approach to child rearing ultimately failed Shy. He ended up doing a couple of years for armed robbery. He talks about the arrest, and other things, in this illuminating 2004 interview.


"It started off on some beefing shit. But once you take it to that level and it's popping, everything goes, homie. It's like, you fronting on me and you got some shines, nigga. I'mma give it to you, I'mma shoot the sh*t out of you, and I'mma take your shine. That's just the way the 'hood goes. I'm not just gonna do it to you and leave and you laying on the floor iced out. Nah, gimmie that."


"Dig this, you 14 hours from home, it's snowing, your moms can't get on that bus and come see you. She's in the mountains, niggas drive and get killed in the mountains. The police kill people in the mountains."

After making parole, Shy has tried his best to "turn it up". He was slated to star in an online reality show about his life. Though I'm not sure if it ever went down. He released a new album earlier this year. He also appeared on "America's first, original, Hip Hop Cooking Show."

"Chef Chardon's menu consists of a fusion of American urban and suburban classic dishes. The show is hosted by Chef Chardon, DJ Tomahawk and the hilarious comedian, Pot Washer."